Médico de familia


The stories in this television series reach all audiences and its historic success has transcended the borders of Spain. Five seasons on air, 119 episodes, an average audience of 7,646,000 viewers and market share of over 40% are enough to endorse the social impact of the most-watched and most-awarded series of the 90s in Spain.

  • GENRE: Dramedy
  • DURATION: 60 min.
  • LANGUAGE: Spanish
  • SEASONS: 9
  • YEAR OF PRODUCTION: 1995-1999
  • EPISODES: 119
  • PRODUCTION COMPANY: Globomedia and Telecinco


Original idea by
Emilio Aragón

Executive production
Emilio Aragón

Josemi Estébanez
Manel Santisteban
Emilio Aragón

Emilio Aragón, Lydia Bosch, Luisa Martín, Aarón Guerrero, Isabel Aboy, Marieta Bielsa, Pedro Peña, Iván Santos, Jorge Roelas, Antonio Molero, Lola Baldrich, Belén Rueda, Ana Duato, Luis Barbero, Francis Lorenzo…