Longum Vitae Suspirium


From the original idea argued by José Saramago and Emilio Aragón, the antithesis between good and evil in the personification of Cain and Abel, both authors derived towards a recreation of the cosmogonies of different cultures, during the process prior to creation. The character of Cain would be at the writer’s mercy, who would make him the protagonist of his last book, while Pilar del Río, now Saramago’s widow, led the dialogue towards a collection of poems from 1975: The Year 1993. Fernando Gómez Aguilera made from it a selection in agreement with the writer. Aragón, always tending to extract musical figures from the ones that his texts provide, has found a great profusion of enormously suggestive images here that emerge from the musical fabric along the nine frag-ments that make up the piece.

José Ramón Encinar.

  • GENRE: Cantata
  • DURATION: 29 min.
  • LANGUAGE: Spanish
  • PRODUCTION COMPANY: Estudio Caribe


Emilio Aragón

José Ramón Encinar

José Antonio López (Baritone)
Marco Berrini (Choir Director)
Orquesta y Coro de la Comunidad de Madrid

Track list

  • Umbra Aspera
  • Vita Tacita
  • Pervigilia Aurorae
  • Lympha Sanguisque
  • Pulsus Naturalis
  • Munditia Doloris
  • Siligines Lucis
  • Libertas Cordis
  • Iustitia Necessaria

Commissioned by the The Spanish Association of Symphony Orchestras (AEOS, in Spanish) and the Fundación Autor