Through music, percussion and sound effects, we will be discovering, in a humorous style, the story of four characters who communicate through music and sounds using more than 150 elements, including toy instruments and objects, which they will use during the performance. It is a show for all ages that uses music as a universal language. With careful and contemporary aesthetics, Aire makes music and rhythm its vital proposal.

A new concept

BOVOJ, herd in Esperanto, are five artists who have been together for three decades. They started from a very young age toying around with music, learning the comedy techniques of the art of their elders and receiving the best of that heritage. Always together, growing and learning like a herd, they now decide to take a step further, towards the search for new territories and new languages through which they evolve. From this evolution Aire is born, a risky and brave set-up.

  • GENRE: Comedy
  • COMPAY: Bovoj
  • DURATION: 75 min.
  • PRODUCTION COMPANY: Estudio Caribe Teatro


Executive production
Emilio Aragón

Paco Mir

Technical direction
Carlos Carmona

Original idea
Paco Mir
Emilio Aragón
Compañía Bovoj

Alejandro Aragón, Alonso Aragón, Gonzalo Aragón, Rodrigo Aragón and Punch Domínguez Aragón