Si estuvieras aquí de Bebo San Juan (Official Video)

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Third single from the album La Vuelta al Mundo

I was born in Havana, and although I have travelled a lot and made the customs of other cultures my own; my home has been a perfect symbiosis between Spain and Cuba. When I was a child, Fabada and Congrí coexisted perfectly, guaracha and sevillanas, Beny Moré and Miguel de Molina. Whenever I listened to el Bárbaro del Ritmo, I thought: that man must be a happy man. Those songs can only be born from happiness. If we link this idea to the adagio that reminds us that it is better to go to bed without eating than to wake up in debt, these songs fulfill a promise to my mother, Rita, and Aruca. Here I offer these songs, which are the fruits of happiness.

My North and South

Always… Bebo San Juan.

GÉNERO: Música latina / cubana
FORMATO: CD, vinilo y digital
PRODUCTORA: Estudio Caribe
DISCOGRÁFICA: Blanco y Negro Pop


All songs lyrics and music by Bebo San Juan except:
La vuelta al mundo and Si estuvieras aquí: Bebo San Juan and Víctor Martín.
Siempre: Bebo San Juan’s adaptation of Federico García Lorca’s poem Gacela del amor imprevisto.

Arrangements, direction and production
Emilio Aragón

Executive production
Emilio Aragón

Sound engineers
Salomé Limón, Bernardo Gil, Jorge Rodríguez Mesías and Santiago de la Torre

Mastered at PKO by
Caco Refojo

Mixed at PKO by
Salomé Limón and Caco Refojo

Recorded at
Recording Studios
: Estudio Caribe, Sound Garden and PKO

Graphic Design
Nacho Aragón

Layout and illustration

Jose Puga

Javier Salas

Cover photo
Family archive

Studio Caribe


Pepe Maní
La vuelta al mundo
Norte y sur
Pan y canela
Si estuvieras aquí
De La Habana hasta aquí

Bonus Track

Siempre Versión piano / voz / fliscorno